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In 2015, Dr. Kyle Bloch purchased American Wellness & Chiropractic, serving Manassas, VA, and reinvigorated the practice by changing it from being a sports chiropractic practice to a whole health holistic healing center. Dr. Bloch introduced nutritional counseling, nutrition blood testing, and pediatric care, and in 2023 health classes are being added. This will allow us to educate our patients in their areas of interest and serve as a valuable resource to the community in all aspects of life and healing.

Dr. Bloch and his team have received several awards since 2015, including the Hawk Award, Hope Award, AMC Eagle Award, and Bronze Achievement Award, highlighting the value they bring to the chiropractic community and their willingness to go above and beyond for their patients and peers.

Our patients are wellness-minded at American Wellness & Chiropractic. They are looking to restore and improve their health in the short and long term. Because we believe in treating more than just pain, every patient will be assessed thoroughly so that we can get to the root cause of their condition, allowing our patients to experience an improved quality of life naturally.

We offer several integrative treatment options, including therapies such as:

  • Manual spinal adjustment techniques to treat subluxations and help to improve your range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve function.
  • Arthro-Stim - a low-force technique suitable for newborns to the elderly.
  • The Activator method for neck and back pain and complaints affecting the extremities.
  • The Drop or Thompson technique uses a chiropractic table combining gravity with manual adjustments.
  • Muscle stripping technique for soft tissue instrument-assisted mobilization massage to try and help break up scar tissue.
  • Ultrasound therapy to relieve pain and focus on internal tissue healing in targeted areas.
  • E-Stim therapy improves blood flow and activates muscles or nerves.
  • Massage therapy and kinesio taping.

At American Wellness & Chiropractic serving Manassas, VA, our mission is to bring health, healing, and something positive to every individual we encounter. Dr. Bloch and his team are only a phone call away. Contact us today at 703-368-8800 to book an appointment.

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